IMG_1546, originally uploaded by mattitiainen.

Old church of Inkoo

Inkoo, Finland, Europe, mattitiainen

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Susi & Maro, originally uploaded by Alfonso60.

They are here … always. Coming from Brazil & Chile


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holiday baking, originally uploaded by verdemilo.

Baking cupcakes to give on Christmas day.

Turin, Italy, Europe, verdemilo

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Reencuentros !, originally uploaded by Venaslarguisimas.

In my family, on Spain we light a candle for every one who is at the table.

Before entering the dining room, we prepare the table like this.

Zaragoza, Spain, Europe, Venaslarguisimas

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Santa delivered.

Knoxville, USA, North America. Dr Reelgood

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Our new fireplace, originally uploaded by Spy to die 4.

This is the fireplace my mother has been dreaming of for the last 35 years – and this year she finally fulfilled her dream!

Greece, Europe, Spy to die 4

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Longtail sunset, originally uploaded by Kalabird.

The longtail boats wait along the shore at sunset. Ao Nang beach on Christmas Eve: Krabi province, Thailand.

During my Christmas vacation with Kat in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Ao Nang, Thailand, Asia, Kalabird

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Merry Christmas! Waiting for Santa.

New Jersey, USA, North America, Sister72

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Snapped for the “what’s in your bag” group

Derbyshire, England, Europe, cattycamehome

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Wendover, England, Europe, Sinth05

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